It Must Be Somewhere

by Hateful Monday

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released November 11, 2013

Recorded and Produced by M. Fallan, assisted by Alex Puccio at REC Studio in July 2013
Other band members said “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” every now and then
Mixed & mastered by Serge Morratel also at the REC Studio also in July 2013

Artwork by Javier @ Hardcore Solution Graphix



all rights reserved


Hateful Monday Genève, Switzerland

Hi, we are Hateful Monday, a punk-rock band from Geneva, Switzerland.

We've been around since 1998, that means we are now getting older, but we're still rocking like teenagers !

We played our skate-punk tunes all across Europe and Japan, played with our favorite bands and friends and we still love this lifestyle like on the very first day !

Thanks for checking us out !! Oi !
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Track Name: It's A Sad World After All
Remember the old days
When everything used to be fine
You changed a lot as you grew old
Nowadays your sky is gray,
Your veins are fi lled with poison

Feel like a zombie
Feel like not going anywhere
You’re not alone but on your own
Anyways, we’re all robots and we are living a lie

Well it’s a sad world after all
And after all you’ve seen
The witness of a world that could
Or should have never been

And everywhere I look I see
So many mouths to feed
Disasters by the hundreds
and it’s too late to redeem

Although you cannot quite afford
To look back on your fallen dreams
How many more will have to die
To start to make us realise
How many more still have to die

Who’s gonna tell us what to do
Our expectations fade away
I’m just like you
Hope is a distant memory
Track Name: Flavor Of The Weak
Everything is so nice and clean
And your food looks more like plastic than protein
Television is gonna make us stars
Yet we don’t care about the confl icts afar

We wanna live our lives inside a screen
A shot of collagen to forget the spleen
When the night comes we stay locked up at home
The outside world is a perilous zone

Mass-Media Domination
Now’s the time to scare the nation

Never trust the screen
What you see is never what it seems
And our values are drifting away

Everything is a lie
A chemical reaction in your brain
And the whole world is going astray
Track Name: Damages Done
It’s hard to believe that it came to an end
It’s hard to conceive that you did it again
But we’re such a mess, drowned in raw fallacies
Unacceptable is what you did to me

Forgive and forget, it’s more complex than that
When trust is all gone it might never come back

There’s no time enough to waste
in brawls and arguments
It hurts both of us but I’d rather be alone

Well I’m not to blame if you regret
what you have done
We’re parting ways, too bad for you,
What’s done is done
Track Name: PhD In Punk
Didn’t go to school long enough,
Got kicked out way too early
I wasn’t quite social enough,
I got too many enemies
I wasn’t cool, not very smart
and far from being funny
I was bound to live in the basements of society

I’ll never be a somebody,
I’m not gonna grow old peacefully
I’ll never retire in Miami, cuz’ I ain’t got no money
I don’t know shit about anything,
Except for a thing or three
Out in the streets is where I got my PhD

Here’s to Crass, Black Flag and The Ramones
To all our friends in the gutters and the clubs
To all the misfi ts all around the world,
Awake until the break of dawn
To anyone always a day late and a buck short

And if you’re not one of them, then you’re one of us
So raise a glass and sing along and be alive
If you feel like you have no reason to live,
then you are straight welcome to the club,
You’ll get your Phd in Punk, It’ll be allright
Track Name: Swan Song Forever
This one goes out to all our peers,
Down in the basements, up in top-fl oor fl ats
For all of the outcasts with their hearts full of pride,
Because only passion is where it’s at
This is for not getting paid,
But sharing a priceless bond,
Tired at the crack of dawn but fulfi lled
With the satisfaction
Of endless chats of records, of concerts and bands

This is for all the guys like us,
Who never got tired of their favorite tunes
And this is dedicated to anyone
Still believing in punk-rock unity
This is about this brilliant day,
When our lives got changed for good
That record that kept spinning around
And would eventually defi ne us
For the rest of our lives

Let’s have our fun altogether
Singing our swan song forever
The world might as well just crumble away
We’ll dance and sing and we will have our say
We know that the world has gone awry
And we know that we’re gonna die
But not without a song and not without a fight
Not without a sing-a-long that goes
Through the night

We’re not gonna die
Not without a fight
That goes through the night
Track Name: To Change And Succeed
So you wake up one fi ne day
And half your life has passed
And you’re getting nervous
About the stuff you never had
The wrong choices you’ve made,
That led you where you are
The things you should have known,
The aim you never really found
But you gotta admit it, Yeah it’s time to confess
The blame is all on you for having never even tried
To do the things for fun,
And just because you can

And when you look at the old man,
In the mirror in front of you
Through washed out eyes
You perceive a worn-out life
And the clock caught up on you
And made you really tired
And yet you gotta think
About pushing things forward
Nobody really wants to spend his life complaining
Nobody wants to listen to
Your never-ending moans
Cuz He not busy being born is busy dying

And the only thing you like,
The only thing you know
Is to play this goddamn guitar yeah
But how far will it go
When you have a family and friends
Counting on you
And you can’t aff ord to show them
All the scars and the doubts
It already happened once, contemplating suicide
Well it won’t solve anything,
Only make a few really sad
So you pretend that you’re fine,
But inside you’re burning!

You gotta try to
Change and succeed
But that’s no easy way
Change and succeed
There ain’t no other way
Track Name: Zero Intolerance
To all our brothers and sisters from the LGBT
Anyone down by the prejudice of society
To all the convicts of a “crime” that isn’t one at all
To anyone willing to fi ght, this is a wake-up call

So many times I’ve heard people calling for unity
They talk about tolerance and life in community
But why be anti racist when you’re a homophobe
Let’s make no diff erence! Zero intolerance

Be who you wanna be
Or be who you feel like bein’
It doesn’t matter much to me
You’re just another human being

Do what you wanna do
Make sure you do what makes you happy
You can be anyone it’s true
It’s all the fuckin’ same to me

To all our brothers and sisters from the LGBT
There ain’t no problems with a little more variety
To all the convicts of a “crime” that isn’t one at all
Let’s make no diff erence! Zero intolerance
Track Name: Superficialistic
6 am and I’m crawling out of bed again
Coffee, Shower, Coffee
And I’m running out of time again
Riding the bus with my fellow zombie faced friends
Not enjoying this once, but praying for an end

Oh my dog, How did I end up like this
Working 9 to 5, but ignorance is bliss
So I just keep on doing it, everyday I’m doing it
Staring at a screen all day, wasting life away

Hey ! I don’t wanna work today
I just wanna stay at home
I just wanna run away

Hey ! I’m not gonna work today
I would rather have a drink
Lay down in the sun and sleep all day!

Just like anyone I want a lifetime party
I wanna sleep late
And do this again and again and will
Travel the world, I’ll never come back
I’ll ride a Mercedes and be superficial
Track Name: A Life Well Wasted
A life of frustration
A life without luck
A life where you do what you do for the buck
A life without purpose, a life without God
This life that we live is a life well wasted

Not knowing where we come from
And with nowhere to go
Sitting on a bench of confusion
And disappointment
Not approving what we are
but still going with the flow
What else do you expect than panic
Or recurrent depression

A life way too long or a life much too short
A life with no exit with no last resort
A life where we fuck up, a life where we kill
This life that we live is a life well wasted

Not in control of our fate but still part of the show
Not agreeing with the concept of a test to undergo
Track Name: The Social Ladder
Here’s a song that they’re gonna sing
All the way to the back of the food stamp line
A few words that are gonna bring hope
And peace in shelters everywhere

It’s a song you might think about,
Whatever lousy job that you’re in
If you struggle to keep your head up high
Feel like you’re not going anywhere

The world is unfair
And it doesn’t care
Whether you are going to make it or not
The social ladder
Is a slippery trail

Life is confusion
So don’t fear exclusion
It’s not going to last long anyway
We’re all gonna plunge
Down the social ladder
Track Name: Backlash
Throw them away ! You’ve got plans,
But you’re gonna fall
Through the darkness you’re gonna crawl
Give it all up ! Admit defeat once and for all
You’re still alive, but you’re approaching a black hole
There is a dark and threatening cloud in front of you
There’s no one around to blame or to hold onto
The shit that you’ve done,
Is about to snap back at you!
Enjoy the void !
Track Name: Võõras Sõda
Eesti mehed läksid sõtta ei tea mille eest
Hoolimata emade ja laste silmaveest
Võõras oli rahvas võõras oli keel
Mille eest nad elu jätsid võõral sõjateel

Küsimuse ees nüüd seisis eesti talumats
Ole mees ja vali oled punane või nats
Mõnigi mees sihtis seal oma lihast venda
Kui läks mööda maha nottis väikevend ta enda

Eesti mehed eesti mehed suures ilmasõjas
Näitasid et neid ei häiri surm ja vereojad
Teineteist seal maha tapsid vennad isad pojad
Eesti mehed eesti mehed suures ilmasõjas

Ära mine kallis poiss seda teed ei minda
See tobe sõda pole väärt su noore elu hinda
Sealt võid saada kuuli pähe või siis täägi rinda
Suudlema jääd mitmeks päevaks
Võõrast mullapinda

Poiss ei kuula läheb ikka vaatamata taha
Paarikümne meetri pärast langeb näoli maha
Jällegi on surma saand üks eesti idioot
Enda meelest kangelane vist või patrioot

Teised veel said veidi aega olla kaevikuis
Põgenevad põlluhiired võisid kuulda kuis
Laulsid nad veel viimast korda kangest koduõlust
Mahajäänud talust ja eesti naise ilust